The boat names make me wonder

I wandered into a couple new boats and clever names during a recent walk with colleagues during our work break from the library. I guessed the Onondaga Lake Marina could be quite peaceful in the right situation. Or, of course, things could be rocking and rolling if that was your idea of Seventh Heaven. Down…

We joined the crowd for the crew at Lakefest

The big party down at the shore of Onondaga Lake drew in my dear wife Karen and I this past weekend. They call it Lakefest. We called it a nice chance to grab a bite and watch people out on the water. A lot of people obviously worked hard to get ready for this shindig.…

Some days we can call the lake rough

On a recent work break walk, I thought maybe we’d taken a wrong turn and ended up at Lake Ontario instead of Onondaga Lake. The seas, she was a rough, my friends. And this was just one day after the crystal-smooth surface I showed you here yesterday. Oh, the changeable features of our nearest body…

Some days we can call it a lake placid

The other day on a work break stroll from the library, Onondaga Lake truly did look like a mirror. I ran right up to the water with my iPhone 8. Now this looked like a day for sailing. Yet there was nary a person out there on a craft of any sort.

OK, bring more boats in

The parking lot that feeds the Onondaga Lake Park Marina had them lined up waiting to launch when my colleagues and I were taking our work break walk the other day. I enjoyed the symmetry, of the boats, the trailers and the trucks.

Here come the boats

Three cheers for the warmer weather. The boat owners are bringing their vessels back to the Onondaga Lake Yacht Club marina. Soon enough, there will be a line to get them in the water.