The wind whips up Onondaga Lake

Walking on a work break on Friday, the wind was stirring the water greatly on Onondaga Lake. The color was brown. The birds were having a blast up higher. I wanted to catch the sound for you all with my iPhone 8, too. Advertisements

Up the lake with a paddle

Walking on the first warm day in what seems like forever, and what do my work friends and I spot on the near edges of Onondaga Lake? Yes, that is a hearty paddleboarder navigating the waterway. Air temperature, 60 F.

Onondaga Lake proves to be friendly to many eagles

The word is out that the shore of our lake that adjoins the major shopping, dining and entertainment complex has turned into a robust home for an American icon. Outdoors writer David Figura spread the story online for I’ve seen a majestic bird or two the mile or so along the shore toward the…