This view’s more of a keeper

The lake view from Lakeview Apartments, we saw here yesterday, ain’t the best. Keep going east toward the city of Syracuse, though, and wind through the senior complex grounds, and the view from Keepsake Village is more worthy. Advertisements

Keeping the promise?

The apartment complex Ellie B and I spy during our walks around the blocks of the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville makes a pretty big promise with its name. No, I said a big promise. Yeah, that just begs for a look at the lake, right? Well, not from where the sign sits can I spot…

A lake lies in wait

If you dare make your way down the street, over the snow pile, across the icy lawn and to the dock, there is a reward to be found on an afternoon break walk from the library desk. Onondaga Lake at its wintry best awaits past the silent docks. Icy, yes. Beautiful, most definitely.

The snow, she piles up

Even if one should decide to venture down for a look at Onondaga Lake during the afternoon break from one’s desk at the library, well … Snow this winter has piled up at the Tulip Street walk-in. And melted. And piled up again. The stack looks high from the lake side, too. Wait! Doesn’t that…

What does the snow do for our view of life?

All that snow can get dirty pretty darn quick on the roads of Central New York. Even on the residential streets around A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville. The plows do their best to clear the way. And I want to think that we still have a view of Onondaga Lake way…

Nice moniker

I spotted this boat out of Onondaga Lake on a recent break walk from my workplace at the library. The form and the name both caught my eye.