On the lake they boat

As I took a pre-work stroll, I noticed a boat already out on the water. Looked like they were having a good time. Early in the day, getting toward late May. Good for them.

The ice cameth

My cold stroll managed to cross lots of snow to the edge of the Onondaga Lake Marina, where the warning signs were true. The lake by the shore has indeed frozen over thanks to all this below-zero weather we’ve had.

Down by the lake

I found a few moments and the courage to fight the cold to check out how things are going the couple blocks toward Onondaga Lake. The plows reach the edge, yes.

Time to reflect

Walking around the front lawn as afternoon threatened to give way to evening on a day off from the library Thursday, I noticed the sun hanging right over our lake view slice down the road. It reflected off the water just right. Oh, happy end-of-December moment it was.

Thank you, lake view

On my work breaks, I can no longer take that coveted stroll along the Onondaga Lake Park path with my Liverpool Public Library colleagues. Instead I seek 15 minutes of serenity in my neighborhood. I have the lake down there. It is a peaceful view, thankfully, very much.

Gone but not forgotten

The workers at Onondaga Lake Park did a good job of spiriting away the decorations from Lights on the Lake 2020. A work break walk this week showed that some remnants remain.

And then I saw this sign

I’ve brought you many pretty photographs from Onondaga Lake Park. Yes, I’m a fan of this significant recreational space so close to where I live and work. And so I walk here often. The waters, I know, used to be used as the private dumping bucket for Big Corporate Chemical on the other side of…

Take a rest from that walk

While chronicling activity on the Onondaga Lake Park Shoreline trail as the LPL Walking Club took its paces, I couldn’t help but pull out my iPhone 8 to snap a blog photo of some very busy geese on the grassy slope to the water. One parent, though, found the offspring more ready to rest than…