More big boats

Onondaga Lake Marina boat update: More and more are in. There are still some open slips, though.

Welcome, big boat

We noticed the first big boat of the season getting tied into its seasonal moor at the Onondaga Lake marina late last week. It looked lonely. Not for long, we thought as we walked during our afternoon work break.

Don’t move

The big houses that border the Onondaga Lake trails have interesting ornaments on the high side, I’ve noticed during recent work break walks from the library. This peaceful position catches my attention. Close by sit these three characters.

Now we make way for the big bikes

My work colleagues and I must now walk on the inside path at Onondaga Lake Park during our library break strolls. The outer path is now taken by many bicycle riders, including the big tandems rented at the Visitors Center.

Two boats in

Walking with my library colleagues last week, we noticed the second boat has arrived in the Onondaga Lake Marina. We have two small craft side-by-side. How soon, we wonder, do they come in big numbers and sizes?

The wind whips up Onondaga Lake

Walking on a work break on Friday, the wind was stirring the water greatly on Onondaga Lake. The color was brown. The birds were having a blast up higher. I wanted to catch the sound for you all with my iPhone 8, too.