Up batter!

There are rules that must be followed. Ballplayers of all ages must learn that for orderly games to move on, inning by inning. This might be a little confusing at this field at Onondaga Lake Park.

Where the lake meets the trees

At Onondaga Lake Park, the shoreline has some stately trees. This specimen here embraces my spirits every walk past. It seems to have every angle covered. The felled log even appears to lie in tribute. The monthly Pokemon crowd is now adding to the proud history of the park, and the trees will stand tall…

The procession of baby birds continues

On a recent work break walk, we caught mama bird leading her brood from the street to the sidewalk in our Village of Liverpool street adjacent to the library. Everybody and everything stopped for them. That is my best wish, anyway. Mama decided they’d had enough of sidewalk.

Baby bunny visits our front yard

Karen told me to go to the window with my iPhone 8 very, very quietly. A baby bunny was visiting. So we get the cute little rabbit shot through the screen. I knew I could open the front door and approach or Bugs would hop away. Tiny!

Much action at the local film hub

My dear wife Karen and I heard a lot of big bangs a weekend ago. We wondered where they were having a fireworks display so late, what with our Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville being smack dab in the middle of many places where they hold these things. But, no, we found out when we visited…