You can’t beat an outdoor drink

It’s been so warm this summer around A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville that my dear wife Karen and I figured we better put out a second drinking bowl of water for Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle.


After some sorting, the best place for dog and humans has turned out to be on the steps of the side alcove.

Refreshing for her, easy to fill up at the kitchen sink for me.

8 thoughts on “You can’t beat an outdoor drink

  1. Gotta keep everyone and everything hydrated. BTW, a Frisbee makes a really good water dish in a pinch, as I learned when I had Cody outside yesterday. Simply filled it from the outside faucet, and she loved it so much she then went back to the faucet and gave me that look. I swear she would have turned the faucet on herself if she knew how.


  2. Yes, lol, you’re a good dog dad. Sometimes I forget to do this when we’re all outside and Sadie lets me know by doing one of three things 1) staring wildly at me (Obviously she doesn’t need to go out, since she’s out!) 2) drinking from the bird bath! 3) licking the condensation off my own cold drink! You’re better at this than I am, Mark! 🙂


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