Amy Schumer shows her fearless side in I Feel Pretty


Picture a woman going about her working life for a glamorous fashion company … on the IT side, pushed into a two-person office in a dark, dank basement.

Picture this woman posing for a dating app photo with her pair equally not-so-cutting edge besties, a trio getting their hopes up as they snap away, imagining the three men who will be smitten by their allure.

They’re OK in the grand scheme of American women, of course. But Renee Bennett’s rampant obsession to move forward in the company, nudged ever further when she visits the mother shop Manhattan offices, then sees an opening for the main lobby receptionist, is based somewhat upon the different body image her company sells, with its products and the people employed in that big, glass-walled office, from the ownership on down.

Amy Schumer is the right woman to star in this comedy co-directed and written by Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein.

She is not the thin one from birth. She did not whittle away her natural curves to make it in the stand up comedy or movie kingdom.

So the satire works when she’s working out in the gym spinning class, falls and bonks her head badly, opens her eyes in front of a locker room mirror and thinks …

The magic happens. (From

… a miracle has occurred. She’s become the beauty of her dreams.

The bolt of self-confidence that accompanies this, well, delusion, allows the inner Renee to flourish.

She wows a nice guy. Interviews for that receptionist’s job. Moves in circles she previously only viewed from the other side of that glass.

Of course, this being a comedy starring Schumer, all of this happens with enough chuckles. And, yes, some troubles, too.

Kohn and Silverstein succeed in making their point about society’s conceptions and misconceptions about true beauty and self-worth, using Schumer’s skills like a surgeon’s blade and a sledgehammer, both.

Michelle Williams does and nice job as the equally scared third-generation scion of the fashion company, and Lauren Hutton is a comforting presence as wise founder Lilly LeClair. Throw in solid Rory Scovel as the patient boyfriend and Busy Phillips and Aidy Bryant as the long-standing BFFs and you’ve got a cast worthy to help Schumer make the point.

8 thoughts on “Amy Schumer shows her fearless side in I Feel Pretty

  1. i recently saw this too, mark, and totally agree with your. i loved it, for amy’s continued fearless approach to any role, and for the message. a good one to see, for sure.


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