Much action at the local film hub

My dear wife Karen and I heard a lot of big bangs a weekend ago.

We wondered where they were having a fireworks display so late, what with our Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville being smack dab in the middle of many places where they hold these things.

But, no, we found out when we visited a friend’s get-together in the Village of Liverpool.

The night prior, they’d been filming a big scene at the school in the middle of that neighborhood. That’s where Hollywood types have purchased the old school and turned it into a film-making endeavor.

Old School.

It was a police scene.

Loud, they said.

Indeed, for the noise to carry up to our place.

The movie they’re filming will star Pete Davison, by the way. Ariana Grande sightings in the community have been frequent as she visits her beau.

9 thoughts on “Much action at the local film hub

  1. For whatever reason, a lot of movies are also being filmed here in Buffalo. Fortunately, I haven’t run into any of the sets yet. I did debate signing up as an extra at one point but couldn’t justify taking a day off from work (it was when I was working The Job From Hell). Maybe next time.


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