I bow for the talents of Chadwick Boseman, one of my all-time favorites

My day turned sadder with the news of Chadwick Boseman’s passing at the it-can’t-be age of 43 from colon cancer, and so I turn this Monday post from its standard movie review to a tribute to one of my favorite actors. Boseman could act. And I related to his roles, yes, I did. Back in…

Enjoying a match

A safe visit to Onondaga Lake Park found the bocce courts had attracted a match. They looked like they were having fun, not minding their masks at all.

Back to the market you go

My dear wife Karen came up with a quick and smart way to transport the unloaded grocery back from kitchen to halfway-to-the-car so she doesn’t forget to bring it to the supermarket the next time around. I loved it when I saw it.

Poor sports

I looked at the passenger side of my car and noticed the top side of my Syracuse Mets decal had been peeled away. I stood in my driveway and pondered. This did not look like a natural-occurring situation. Yes, my pursuits had taken me to several parking lots in the not too-previous-past. I think somebody…

Good culinary work, George Three

George Three has taken on a new cooking hobby, visiting George Two and Sue to use their smoker. And he and terrific daughter Elisabeth stop by our place to drop some off for us when he’s done. This time it was two meats, pulled pork and kielbasa. He is really good at this. Yum we…

Brian Dennehy takes us from gruff to sweet one more time in Driveways

Every once in a while, you’re treated with the most unlikely transformation of grizzly bear to teddy bear. Brian Dennehy pulls the switch off with equal reluctance, acceptance, recognition and charm in the most marvelous little independent film Driveways. Directed by Andrew Ahn from the screenplay Hannah Bos and Paul Thureen, this sweet 2019 film…

The finest cuts

My dear wife Karen gathered up pretty blooms from our gardens and arranged them just right for the kitchen. August casts its spell.

Construction season has restarted

The construction facelift approved for this corner in the Village of Liverpool took a hiatus for the virus. But the upgrading in the block around the corner from my job at the library is going strong now. Looking better.