Poor sports

Hands off my stuff.

I looked at the passenger side of my car and noticed the top side of my Syracuse Mets decal had been peeled away.

I stood in my driveway and pondered.

This did not look like a natural-occurring situation.

Yes, my pursuits had taken me to several parking lots in the not too-previous-past.

I think somebody decided they’d attempt to peel away my affection for our hometown Syracuse Mets. Maybe me or somebody else approached my car before they could finish the act of vandalism.

Yes, that’s how I view it.

In this world of ours, keep your hands off other people’s stuff, please and thank you.


The news I heard before going to sleep last night hit me again this Thursday morning. Players from the NBA, WNBA, Major League Baseball, and Pro Soccer decided to not play their games Wednesday night to show their displeasure regarding our prevailing culture of social and racial injustice. Their action was prompted by this week’s police shooting of Black man Jacob Blake in Wisconsin. My little sports decal issue, well, it seems silly in comparison to our nation’s overriding problem.

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