Back to the market you go

Don’t forget.

My dear wife Karen came up with a quick and smart way to transport the unloaded grocery back from kitchen to halfway-to-the-car so she doesn’t forget to bring it to the supermarket the next time around.

I loved it when I saw it.

16 thoughts on “Back to the market you go

  1. Got a bunch of those bags in my car, too. We usually leave them next to the door leading from the kitchen to the outside so we’d literally have to trip over them if we forgot they were there. Still, I managed last week to go to Wegmans with no bags in my car – somehow they had all managed to find their way to my husband’s vehicle instead. Silly bags.


  2. brilliant! I understand this completely, time and again, once at the store, I realize I’ve left my bag at home. I have taken to just putting it in the car where I’ll see it ,and even then, sometimes I’m so used to seeing it, that I forget to take it in )


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