Lovely look on the Syracuse University hill

Why I like the 4 p.m. start time for Syracuse football games, continued … In early autumn, the departure time from the contest gave my dear wife Karen and I a lovely view of a certain glow around and coming from Crouse College.

Let’s go Orange sunset

As Syracuse prepares to take on formidable Clemson at noon today, I take you back to the walk down the hill from the Carrier Dome for my dear wife Karen and I one week ago. Syracuse beat Connecticut 51-21 inside. The sun agreed that Orange was the color of the moment. The moment spread gloriously…

Her day in the sun

Do not tell our cherished rescue mutt that fall is here. Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle wants to stretch out the days on her futon under the covered alcove at A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville. And who can blame her?

All lined up, the holiday lights

Our work break walks in Onondaga Lake Park surely allow us to see the progress workers are making with the light displays that will be set up for November’s traditional Lights on the Lake extravaganza. I liked the way they looked all leaned up against the trees.

Here’s to Joe Morris and the 4-0 Orange

The Saturday afternoon in the Carrier Dome started with a nice tribute to a Syracuse running back from the past. Joe Morris was back for a special moment. The running back who made the Orange go four decades ago had his family and friends and former teammates gathered at midfield for a big ceremony. His…

It’s a wild ride in Jumanji’s jungle

Transformation is the name of the game in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. Four high schoolers of extremely different social strata are tossed into a detention session closet and told to remove staples from a magazine project or something a ludicrous. If they don’t finish, they’ll have to return on Saturday. I don’t believe it.…

The wind whips up some whitecaps on Onondaga Lake

Yes, fall has arrived in Central New York. On a walk between regular job hours and the start of the book sale at the library Friday, I ventured right next to Onondaga Lake. I had planned to eat my takeout Chinese at the picnic table. But the sea, she was angry, my friends. Noisy, too.

We’re glad it’s not a noon start

I will be working at the library’s annual book sale before heading out to the Syracuse football game against Connecticut at the Carrier Dome today. So my dear wife Karen and I were quite pleased to hear it when the start time was announced two weeks ago. (These mid-season decisions to please TV are tiresome,…

The bigger the better

One of my colleagues at the library had a purse with a great saying on it, I noticed at this year’s staff day. I voiced my admiration to my dear wife Karen. So came a present from a package in the mail. I think it’s grand, a slogan to stand behind. Karen thinks I can…