No boats in yet

After a month of staying away because of a fear of crowds, my dear wife Karen and I took the chance to take our self-care walk to the trails of Onondaga Lake Park. We chose Easter Sunday, thinking the special day may have brought less folks to the big park a couple miles from our…

Holdouts on the water

When it was warm enough to take my work break walks past the Onondaga Lake Marina, It was still warm enough to take a small boat out on the water. I counted three small vessels holding out. The Fihal Three!

Go sail away

Out beyond the marina lies a sailboat, enjoying the season. I do catch much on my walks, appreciating what others are enjoying so close to my workplace at the library.

Welcome, big boat

We noticed the first big boat of the season getting tied into its seasonal moor at the Onondaga Lake marina late last week. It looked lonely. Not for long, we thought as we walked during our afternoon work break.

Two boats in

Walking with my library colleagues last week, we noticed the second boat has arrived in the Onondaga Lake Marina. We have two small craft side-by-side. How soon, we wonder, do they come in big numbers and sizes?