Boats fill the marina

July, it is. My latest stroll around the Onondaga Lake Marina revealed a very full roster of boats ready to appreciate this summer of 2022. May they find their peace heading through the outlets that lead to bigger waters.

Ready for the season

The Onondaga Lake Marina comes with a nifty building that’s ready for this upcoming outdoor season, too. I like the newly painted anchors.

Hello boat for 2022!

My dear wife Karen and I spotted the first big boat in its slip on our stroll past the Onondaga Lake Marina this past Sunday, May 1. We were excited to spot sailboats on the further boat deck as well. Happy May start to this season, we wished to the boat crowd.

Not the right boat yet

I did spy a boat on my pre-work walk down by the lake. Yes, it’s the dinghy that’s always next to the Onondaga Lake Marina no matter the time of year. Almost spring!

Now there’s some ice to avoid

The sign I showed yesterday warned about the thin ice. I knew if I looked hard enough I’d find some building up at the Onondaga Lake Marina. No time for boating or walking out there. I’ll stick to my shore strolls.