Here’s to September

May September bring us safe travels, here and there. I’ve seen the far less pretty scenes the past few days for too many of our neighbors. May they get to safety and recover.

This name floats my boat

Much thanks to my library colleague Edina, who knows from our break walks together what kind of boat names make me smile. On a solo stroll she saw this new one and sent it to me upon her return. Good one, you know it!

Boats look big

Sometimes I have to find just the right spot for the Onondaga Lake Marina boats to look their best to me at that given moment.

So that’s how they’re finding the bad lake stuff

On a pre-work stroll around Onondaga Lake Park, I noticed this big boat in the Marina parking lot. What is ATL, I wondered. The accompanying truck gave me answers. They apparently are finding the invasive species noted on the contraption I showed you in yesterday’s post. Work hard, ATL staffers.

Plain enough instructions

Those fishing in Onondaga Lake must watch what they pull in, I discovered during my recent pre-work stroll. I hope they clear the lake of what’s not good for it.

A bit too early for boats

The Onondaga Lake Park marina looks beautiful this time of spring. It also looks ready for the fleet of boats that will come in, vessel by vessel. My safe walks await their arrival.

Standing guard

My eyes spy one lonely rowboat on dry land adjacent to the empty Onondaga Lake Marina. A prop, I wonder, as I complete my safe walk during a work break, or there in case somebody needs it for an emergency. Hope not for the second, ever.

No boats

As I walk along the Onondaga Lake Park trail and pass the lonely marina, I wonder where the boats that make this spot bustle during the summer spend these months? They all have a tale to tell under different covers, says my imagination.