Awards now closed

Since starting on Feb. 26, 2013, I’ve been fortunate enough to have been nominated for 28 awards, of many varieties and stripes, from that many of my favorite writers and friends.

The last two even came after I’d decided to close my awards closet for awhile.

Liebster Award

There’s the cool badge from the Liebster Award, which I accepted on the first full day of spring, March 21, 2015, after being nominated by my friend Rachel, aka Lundygirl.

After that I decided to hang a stop sign on the process. If nominated — I can’t expect everybody to know that I’ve decided I think I’ve been honored enough and it’s time to share the wealth elsewhere — I’ll be gracious and attempt to mention the nomination.

Thanks to all who’ve nominated me for the fabulous 28 below.

• The Liebster Award, from Rachel at Rachel aka Lundygirl, Jolene at Valley Girl Gone Country, and missjennym at babbleworthy.

• The Very Inspiring Bloggers Award, from Stuart M. Perkins at the storyshucker, Judy Berman at Judy Berman and Trish at Ten Years a Single Mom .

• The Premio Dardos Award, from Doobster at Mindful Digressions.

• The Versatile Blogger Award from Amanda Lyle at Inside the Life of Moi and Shelley at MomzHappyHour.

• The Angel Award from Angie at Angie.

• The Dragon’s Loyalty Award from Apple Pie at PeaceLoveGreatCountryMusic and Don Charisma at Don Charisma.

• The Seven Award from Simply Ilka at simplyilka. (Complicated one here, with seven awards bundled within.)

• The Shauny Award from Irene Waters at

• The ABC Award from Chris Malone at

• The Sunshine Award by Don Charisma.

• The Lighthouse Award by Irene Waters.

• The Inventive Blogger Award by Don Charisma.

• And twice for Blogger of the Year, by Mer at and Don Charisma.

Thanks to all.

See you at your place.

15 thoughts on “Awards now closed

  1. I began blogging as ladysighs late Dec. of 2012. If I had found you, I would certainly have given you an award. 🙂 Too late. 😦

    I notice that we did have a blogger in common way back in 2015. And maybe many more.


  2. Hey Mark… I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger …Oh darn! You aren’t collecting awards anymore. Not to worry, you don’t have to accept this award, but I would love for you to pop over to my blog and come celebrate! There will be imaginary champagne, disco balls and a drumming cat! What more could one want? Hehe. If you’re interested click on the link:

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  3. I either got there just in time or was the last straw! I’m even more grateful that you took the time to take part now that I’ve read this 🙂


  4. awe Mark – you should not close the award section – well you can if you want to – but some people leave it going and you do not have to do posts for future ones but you can still add them (just an idea) – I did this for a while and might do another page again, but I still keep the awards going because at least for me – it sometimes helps me connect with bloggers – but I know it is not everyone’s thing continuously…


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