Yes on the steak

The first Marley freebie whipped up by my dear wife Karen featured sliced steak as the centerpiece. Delicious, it was. Portion size, generous. The mashed and green beans did me right, too. Check yes on meal one of three. Advertisements

Hello again, Marley and Me

My dear wife Karen and I have tussled with a few of those dinner-box-services in the past few months. She started us off with Dinnerly, three meals shipped to the doorstep of A Bitty Better for Tuesday arrival. It was the least expensive. We found it … acceptable. Once in a while, the big box…

Up the lake with a paddle

Walking on the first warm day in what seems like forever, and what do my work friends and I spot on the near edges of Onondaga Lake? Yes, that is a hearty paddleboarder navigating the waterway. Air temperature, 60 F.