Can we harness your energy together, dear dog?

A new try.

With the small taste of better weather, there’s been more walking of Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle for my dear wife Karen and I in our Galeville neighborhood in Liverpool this past week. Every day, in fact.

And we’ve attempted a new push for better behavior to keep her from pulling us here and there.

The old gentle leader is no more. Knock on wood. Our cherished rescue mutt has been hooked to the gadget that looped around her nose in an attempt to keep her spirits from getting out of hand for years, now. She hasn’t like it much.

And, as a matter of form and function, neither have we. They broke too often. They dug in around her nose. She always rolled around trying to get they off her snout. And, ultimately, whenever she spotted another dog, she yanked anyway.


So off Amazon has come this black body harness.

It goes on easy.

She appears to like it.

There is still some stubborn leadership issues on her end. But not as bad as it could be …

The experiment continues.

12 thoughts on “Can we harness your energy together, dear dog?

  1. Whatever works, Mark. We use the Thunder Harness which goes around Cody’s body and pulls tighter when she pulls, then loosens when she relaxes, and we couple that with a nose restraint, which doesn’t do a whole lot other than allow us to turn her head if need be, kind of like steering a horse. Cody mostly walks ok, especially now that she’s no longer a puppy. I’m sure Ellie B will love the new harness, and having her nose free to do its job as she sees fit.


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