Nothing’s as easy as it seems in A Simple Favor


Stephanie Smothers seems to lead an uncomplicated life, sure, when we meet her at the start of A Simple Favor. The single mom earns her attention online. No, not those type of sites. She sets up a camera and runs her own mommy vlog, dispensing tips for women of similar mind and pursuits.

Then one day at school, she runs into the gigantic presence that is Emily. Who pays attention to her. Their kids get play dates. They take on drinks. Awesome music is played. An odd couple is born.

Emily goes missing.

Police come in.

Her husband can’t figure it out.

Stephanie is on the hunt.

All of this allows quite a triangle of chemistry between Anna Kendrick as the quiet mom, Blake Lively as the volcano and Henry Golding as the simmering husband.

It’s fun to guess what’s-what and who’s-who in this cleverly crafted adventure directed by Paul Feig from the screenplay by Jessica Sharzer based on Darcey Bell’s novel.

You know you want to. (From

As Stephanie grows more aware of who she is and what she wants and Emily’s presence in everybody’s life becomes more increasingly distant yet somehow never out of sight, the level of commitment and loyalty will keep you forever on edge.

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