Salt potato history, appreciated

What’s cooking in our part of the world. My recent walk at Onondaga Lake Park noted a new sign marking an important part of our area’s history put up outside the Salt Museum. Cheers to the salt potato. Long may we boil and butter!

Skelly seems ready for a hopping holiday

Eggs in one basket. A drive through Elisabeth and George’s neighborhood this week led to the discovery that the tall skeleton had returned after a short absence. The versatile lawn ornament indeed has been adorned for the next holiday. That’s one large rabbit costume! What will come next for Skelly to add to our blog…

A new lane to consider

Careful opening that driver’s door. On my recent trip to downtown Syracuse, I had to navigate different traffic patterns. City planners had added a bike lane since my last time to the area. My thought? Clinton Square’s blocks already were tricky enough to navigate for vehicle drivers and walkers alike. Now there are less lanes…

Put the rink on ice?

Time for a real melt? During my recent trip to downtown Syracuse my walk past Clinton Square noticed that the arrival of spring has caused a bit of a melt for the skating rink. It may be time to take down the boards. Cement season is next. Who’s ready for music and entertainment weather?

It’s been a decade

Familiar and new. Some retirement business led me to downtown Syracuse last week. I had to haul out the iPhone to capture the still-notable Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Clinton Square against that cotton-candy sky. At right I noted the former big daily building with the title of its new purpose added at top left.…

Crocus pops for Elisabeth and George

Pretty purple. As soon as I arrived at the kids’ house early Wednesday evening, George led me to their side lawn. A crocus has popped up to say hello to spring. We stood and admired the first bloom of their new gardens together. Much more to come, we all thought when Elisabeth came out to…

Walk away

Year-round strides. Find a sunny day and there will be folks taking advantage of the two side-by-side paths in Onondaga Lake Park. Count me in.

Lean on me

Safely tucked away. The display lights lean on a stately old tree as Onondaga Lake Park moves from its drive-for-the holidays to its recreational season.