Hello, feathered friends

Changes await. It’s a sign to see the geese gathering on the shores during a recent walk around the lake. Several are ready for the water, yes.

Leftover snow and new flowers

Connect the seasons. My dear wife Karen and I walked our cherished rescue mutt Ellie around the neighborhood blocks as spring arrived and winter left our part of the world on Monday. It felt right that snow was saying bye and flowers were whispering hello on the same lawn as we turned a corner.

Why did you bring the darn dog?

High as she can climb. My dear wife Karen and I decided it was time to pack our cherished rescue dog Ellie B into the car for the mile drive down the road so she can see where Elisabeth and George Three now live. Of course, that means she had to say hello to beloved…

Good luck, roses

Kind of buried. What are the odds that are lovely front and backyard roses will kick out any more blooms before real spring? Feeling the white stuff. I know they can soldier melts up and down, but …

The light shines

Feeling the clock change. The radiance of the central sign and the line of the trucks across the road caught my eye through the snow as I stood at the tip of my front door during this week’s late winter snow.

Powerful reminder

You wear it well. Our backyard looked gorgeous stepping out from the side alcove as the mid-March snow fell steadily early Tuesday morning. I got the reminder that winter means winter right to the end. I know, sometimes into spring …

Backyard blankets

Down it came. Mid-March is prime winter material around my part of the world was the statement when I opened my back door two mornings ago. Soon it will officially be spring. Today I will watch the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Rites of changing seasons march on …

March can be maddening

Our tree wears a March winter coat. The bells of a Winter Storm Alert in our part of the world had been ringing for more than a day. Our research into weather sites led my dear wife Karen and I to agree that the best course would be for her to make her Monday early…

Marina sits still

Can be calm. A February walk to the Onondaga Lake Marina can find it quite quiet. The bird’s eye view shows still waters for sure. Floating orders. And here’s why the Marina lies empty in the winter.