March can be maddening

Our tree wears a March winter coat.

The bells of a Winter Storm Alert in our part of the world had been ringing for more than a day. Our research into weather sites led my dear wife Karen and I to agree that the best course would be for her to make her Monday early afternoon drive for her first traveling sterile processing shift of the week some 75 miles to the west and check in for two nights at a nearby place instead of commuting as per her usual routine.

When I went to sleep Monday night at about the time her shift was ending, big, wet flakes were falling.

When I woke up Tuesday morning, a state of emergency stood regarding travel, said the TV talkers. As I took a photo out our front door, I was glad that Karen did not have to make that drive the night prior or back and forth until after her Wednesday shift.

It’s still winter, yes. Good forecasting, weather people.


9 thoughts on “March can be maddening

  1. isn’t it amazing how we learn to adapt to and work around the weather where we live? it’s really so important and clear you made the right call. looking forward to summer of 2024 when I will no longer be commuting to work!


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