Thanks for the color, May

On this last day of May, I once again salute the colors springing forth out of our little piece of earth in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville. The backyard daisies look quite happy in this season’s spot. Great planning from my dear wife Karen, indeed.

The Central New York stock of Wailua Wheat is at my house

I told you about my job of receiving a case of Kona Brewing’s Wailua Wheat Beer from my terrific daughter Elisabeth and her sensational significant George Three for Christmas. They had it shipped up from New Jersey. Of course, those 24 bottles are gone, gone, gone. Our local supermarket chain, Wegmans, carries the Hawaiian-born, U.S.-brewed…

Fill ‘er up, high test

My dear wife Karen and I took a trip to Lowe’s the Saturday of our three-day weekend to celebrate Memorial Day. We kept the shopping list small. Enough outdoor work gloves to cover us both for the rest of the spring and summer. We hope. And five bags of brown mulch to spread out in…

Chadwick Boseman, Josh Gad have the right stuff in Marshall

Before Thurgood Marshall could become one of the icons of American culture by righting so many injustices and becoming the first African American Supreme Court Justice, the young attorney had to overcome many prejudices himself. So we find him as an NAACP nomad in Marshall, leaving his family home in New York City to argue…

Sparse year for the pretty tree up front

Before I forget, I must reveal that it was a sparse season for our front yard flowering dogwood. The blossoms came and went quickly. They were more spare. They were not as bright white. I’m chalking it off to the lingering stay of winter. Hopefully the dogwood will have a more robust growth cycle next…

May the flags be with you

The folks at Nichols in the Village of Liverpool have had the flags flying for several weeks now. I think the chance to say Happy Memorial Day Weekend is good timing to share the pretty American scene.

Some trees have it all going for them

During a recent work break walk, a tree outside the Onondaga County Parks Department offices had it all. Shape. Color. Aroma, even. I had to snap it from both sides with my iPhone 8 before hustling past and getting back to the library.

Special delivery

I couldn’t help but take not when I spied Nichols getting a delivery before my work hours. If I were the folks decided what to put on the side of the truck, I might gone with the box of chocolate chip cookies. That’s what gets the neighborhood smiling the most, I think.

One more chance for the plastic red Adirondack chairs

I got a text while my dear wife Karen was still at work the other night, asking if I’d looked out back. No, I had not. Walked Ellie. Fed Ellie. Ate dinner. Watched TV. But no, I had not looked outside to the backyard of A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville to…

No go on this hat

My dear wife Karen thought I might like a certain hat she spotted in the shoe store. I politely declined, concentrating on the shoes. I have worn that style in the past, I will admit …