Special delivery

I couldn’t help but take not when I spied Nichols getting a delivery before my work hours. If I were the folks decided what to put on the side of the truck, I might gone with the box of chocolate chip cookies. That’s what gets the neighborhood smiling the most, I think.

One more chance for the plastic red Adirondack chairs

I got a text while my dear wife Karen was still at work the other night, asking if I’d looked out back. No, I had not. Walked Ellie. Fed Ellie. Ate dinner. Watched TV. But no, I had not looked outside to the backyard of A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville to…

No go on this hat

My dear wife Karen thought I might like a certain hat she spotted in the shoe store. I politely declined, concentrating on the shoes. I have worn that style in the past, I will admit …

OK, bring more boats in

The parking lot that feeds the Onondaga Lake Park Marina had them lined up waiting to launch when my colleagues and I were taking our work break walk the other day. I enjoyed the symmetry, of the boats, the trailers and the trucks.

A lovely sky indeed

I’m glad I didn’t keep my eyes straight ahead while taking my bag lunch from the library to the lake side this day. The cotton look left my jaw hanging.

All’s well with Ellie B

My dear wife Karen’s schedule change for the new job at the hospital has put me in a bit of a tizzy. I’m getting accustomed to her second-shift pattern bit by bit, but that doesn’t mean I have to like the increased alone time. Oh, wait. Of course, I have the company of Ellie B…