The loneliest egg

On a work break walk through the Village of Liverpool, a colleague and I spotted a sad sight on a side street.

So small and unprotected.

A single bird’s egg sat, sad and alone, in the middle of the pavement.

It was a lovely shade of blue.

We surmised that the small thing might belong to a robin.

I grabbed a stick and pushed it to the edge of the closest bit of lawn.

The idea of survival … not so much. Sigh.

11 thoughts on “The loneliest egg

  1. Poor baby! And the poor mama, as well. If only —- but life is full of “if only’s” I guess. Just watched “Birdman of Alcatrez” last week and wonder if any of us today could keep the egg warm enough that it would hatch the way he did. Have a good one, bro Mark.


  2. I found a perfectly formed small white egg on my front lawn. It was slightly larger than a robin’s egg. I’m wondering if it came from whatever bird was trying unsuccessfully to build its nest in my side awning – hopefully, I didn’t jinx that little baby by not allowing it’s mommy to build the next where she wanted to. But really, we use that side door – I couldn’t handle being dive-bombed every time we went in or out. Nature sucks sometimes.


    • Last year a momma built a nest on the corner of our covered alcove, where we use the side door to let Ellie B in from the backyard all the time. It was really a nuisance. But we put up with it and actually enjoyed watching the baby birds taking their first steps out of there. Then we pulled that thing down to make sure it didn’t happen again this year, CM.

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