The Central New York stock of Wailua Wheat is at my house

I told you about my job of receiving a case of Kona Brewing’s Wailua Wheat Beer from my terrific daughter Elisabeth and her sensational significant George Three for Christmas.

They had it shipped up from New Jersey.

Of course, those 24 bottles are gone, gone, gone.

Our local supermarket chain, Wegmans, carries the Hawaiian-born, U.S.-brewed and bottled beer.

We know this two ways. We see it on the shelves when we shop. That’s why we know our closest Wegmans don’t carry the Wailua Wheat we crave.

But Kona’s website has a feature that shows us that a couple of Wegmans not that far away do.

The supermarkets in Geneva and Canandaigua carry the nectar of the Gods.

Elisabeth and George say they called before ordering pre-Christmas, and they were all out.

Not this spring.

Both stores answered my query with the reply that they had four six-packs. The Geneva grocery department workers kindly said he’d put them away for me at the customer service desk. The Canandaigua worker said he was quite sure they would not fly off the shelf.

Off to the west my dear wife Karen and I went on a Saturday morning.

Precious cargo.

It’s ours. All of it. Oh, I did give George a six-pack to take home to their apartment.

And Karen liked the looks of the Blonde Ale, another Kona brand they don’t stock here, and added a six-er of that to our stash. It’s as tasty as the Wailua Wheat.

So now I implore our nearby Wegmans beer ordering bosses: Please get the Kona trucks to deliver a broader range of their beer to our Syracuse-area stores.

14 thoughts on “The Central New York stock of Wailua Wheat is at my house

  1. Love that you expended so much effort to get a favorite beer!!! There is a brewery in Wisconsin that has what is to me the Best Beer Ever. But only sold in Wisconsin. So when we cross the border, we always stock up. So worth it. Larry even went so far as to skip out on the lunch part of a church leadership conference that was held in a town close to the Minnesota/Wisconsin border to make a trip and bring back a case 🙂

    Enjoy your hard-earned brew, Mark.


  2. A great way to start the summer! Your daughter and George 3 are gems.
    I receive shipments from Jersey too! Peanut Butter Tandy Cakes. Which would certainly wash down nicely with some Kona Brewing’s Wailua Wheat Beer. Actually the Oak Creek Brewery here makes amazing dark beers.
    All my best to you Mark.


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