One more chance for the plastic red Adirondack chairs

I got a text while my dear wife Karen was still at work the other night, asking if I’d looked out back.

No, I had not. Walked Ellie. Fed Ellie. Ate dinner. Watched TV.

Sturdy, please.

But no, I had not looked outside to the backyard of A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville to notice what had been purchased and placed while I’d been working at the library.

There sat two plastic red Adirondack-style chairs to replace the ones that we’d thrown out after my early spring mishap.

They were half-price, Karen explained when she got home later. And, she figured, we’d gotten six years’ use out of them before that one chair back gave out on me.

I took the photo come morning.

The new ones look good. Knock on wood.

I will store them in the basement come winter instead of leaving them out on the covered alcove …

8 thoughts on “One more chance for the plastic red Adirondack chairs

  1. Cool – and so thoughtful of Karen.

    I can hardly wait to use my new chair. I opted for a larger, somewhat higher plastic chair as I tried the Adirondack one at Walmart and found I had trouble getting up out of it because of the way the back dips down. My new neighbors don’t need to watch that (or at least, I don’t need them watching).


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