The crack of chair was a warning

So my dear wife Karen and I took the at-last warmup and a sunny spell as a sign that we should move the familiar plastic red chair out from under the side overhang and into the backyard for a relaxation spell.

Sit and chat we did, late Saturday afternoon beers in hand.

For a couple of minutes.

Until I heard a crack underneath me.

It started at my left side, spreading right. The backward slope of the Adirondack style took a quick scramble up and out of the chair from my thinking process.

The horrible realization sat in, so to speak, in slow motion as the back gave out completely and I tumbled straight backward to the little square of concrete.

Good chair, bad chair.

My beer remained firmly, proudly, confusingly, unskilled in my right hand.

Ellie B had bolted in fright at the sound of the crack.

Karen asked if I were OK and what she should do.

Let me lie here a moment, said I, taking stock of all aches and pains with my butt still above me in the red seat of the dang chair.

The plastic back that had cracked loose apparently has somewhat cushioned my back’s landing.

Nothing major amiss, I reported.

If you slide the butt end of the chair out from under my legs, that might be a good start for my eventual climb back up, I decided.

So flat I laid for a minute or two.

Ellie B came back and comforted me.

My back and butt were both a bit sore. I felt an emerging bump where my head had met the concrete.

I am too old for mishaps like this.

Any replacement chairs may be made of wood.

The rest of that beer sure tasted good.

15 thoughts on “The crack of chair was a warning

  1. Glad you’re ok, but I believe you have a pretty hard head. Had it been me, I would have been clutching a glass of wine – and I would have saved it just like you saved your beer. We know what’s important! On a side note, probably plastic chairs shouldn’t be left outside in the winter where they can experience those sub-zero temperatures followed by the thaw, followed by more sub-zero, etc. etc.. I think that may weaken the plastic. At least that’s my opinion – I’m sure your readers in the plastics manufacturing field can enlighten us.


    • I think you are right on, CM, from my hard head to the plastic-left-out-over-the-winter situation. And, hey, on a different day, I, too, would have been saving a wine instead of a beer, eclectic that I am.🤓

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  2. Hah! Sure, there are more durable chairs out there but for under 20 bucks you can’t beat those plastic Adirondack chairs. Yes sir, about every two years I lose one like that!


  3. Oof! Sorry that happened to you! We just took our apparently same (brown) chairs out on Thursday. I will beware their demise henceforth! The plastic ones were like $16 and the wooden ones are about $80, so while I’d like wood ones, I’ll probably have to wait til my cheapies break!


  4. i’m sorry but i had to laugh out loud a little at this one, (once i knew you were okay, of course). i love how each of you had your own reaction and proud of you for hanging onto your beer. this things always happen quickly and we are without the power to stop them, but somehow feel like they are happening in slow motion in a way. later, we can look back and laugh )


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