They did dig it up

Not too soon after I marveled how the neighborhood construction had somehow managed to leave unscathed the pretty Salina Town Offices front gardens, my cherished rescue mutt Ellie B and I met with a disappointing sight. Gone were the flowers we’ve enjoyed for our almost five years living here. They had to fix what was…

Thank you lovely white lilac

Before the big rain and wind visited our neighborhood Sunday in a big way, I took a moment to savor our beautiful white flowering tree in the center of our front lawn. It’s held on to its pretty blooms for two weeks this year. And, yes, most of them withstood that wicked wind and rain.

Some trees have it all going for them

During a recent work break walk, a tree outside the Onondaga County Parks Department offices had it all. Shape. Color. Aroma, even. I had to snap it from both sides with my iPhone 8 before hustling past and getting back to the library.

The crack of chair was a warning

So my dear wife Karen and I took the at-last warmup and a sunny spell as a sign that we should move the familiar plastic red chair out from under the side overhang and into the backyard for a relaxation spell. Sit and chat we did, late Saturday afternoon beers in hand. For a couple…

Enough with the snow already

Here’s what I saw after I walked out my front door in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville on Friday, April 20, 2018. And here’s what I had to deal with on my car before I could drive to the library for work. To say that winter has overstayed its welcome is the understatement of, well,…