Chicken Parm from a skillet can shine

Chicken parm in a skillet was the way Marley and Me instructed my dear wife Karen to prepare our third and final freebie from the big box. With the pasta and spinach as the side, it surely and happily filled me up. Now, will we order it when we have to pay? I can’t quite…

Succulent shrimp

I might raise an eyebrow about shrimp sent to my house in a box. Marley cured me of that cautious streak. At least the way my dear wife Karen prepared the shrimp, pasta and zucchini that was meal two of our three freebies.

Yes on the steak

The first Marley freebie whipped up by my dear wife Karen featured sliced steak as the centerpiece. Delicious, it was. Portion size, generous. The mashed and green beans did me right, too. Check yes on meal one of three.

Hello again, Marley and Me

My dear wife Karen and I have tussled with a few of those dinner-box-services in the past few months. She started us off with Dinnerly, three meals shipped to the doorstep of A Bitty Better for Tuesday arrival. It was the least expensive. We found it … acceptable. Once in a while, the big box…