Onondaga Lake proves to be friendly to many eagles

The word is out that the shore of our lake that adjoins the major shopping, dining and entertainment complex has turned into a robust home for an American icon.

Outdoors writer David Figura spread the story online for newyorkupstate.com. I’ve seen a majestic bird or two the mile or so along the shore toward the library as I’ve walked on break. Last week, I even saw one over Johnson Park on Second Street in the Village of Liverpool.

Last weekend I decided to try my luck with my iPhone 8 out at Destiny USA.

The setting.

First I moved to the edge of the parking lot to capture the environment that the eagles find so friendly.

Other eagles fans.

At 10 a.m., I was not alone in my interest.

I thought my search might be futile. But my Where’s Waldo patience was rewarded.

Take a moment …

Center stage.

Look at the center in the photo above for two of our birds.

Right on!

To the right, you can find the lone white heads.

Gonna fly now.

Yes, they gave me chills in the air.

Wind in its wings.

Figura’s article suggested the Best Buy overlook as a prime camera location.

Parking overlook for viewing.

Up I went to check it out.

Different angle.

I appreciated the promise of looking down somewhat. Yet I definitely felt further away, a hindrance with the iPhone

Hello again Mr. White Head.

I remembered where the white-headed loner liked to perch, though.

If you live in Central New York and have not yet take the time to go look for yourself, it’s worth walking to the edge.

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