Hello again, Marley and Me

My dear wife Karen and I have tussled with a few of those dinner-box-services in the past few months.

She started us off with Dinnerly, three meals shipped to the doorstep of A Bitty Better for Tuesday arrival.

It was the least expensive. We found it … acceptable. Once in a while, the big box showed up a day late. A time or two, they left out a key ingredient. Mostly, though, we ate the meals cooked by Karen and found it helpful to our daily routine.

Then she went online and investigated some others. And new, bigger boxes showed up on our doorstep without her clicking yes to their service.

She canceled Hello Fresh after we enjoyed a week three unrequested meals. Bigger portions than Dinnerly, yes. Higher price, much.

She wavered on Marley and Me after a different week of three more meals we didn’t ask but appreciated nonetheless. Karen liked that these recipes came on big, printed cards. For Dinnerly, she had to look them up on her iPad.

But she canceled that one, too. And put the kabosh on Dinnerly after more snafus.

We were eating strictly from the supermarket shelves again.

Three for free.

Then Marley and Me offered Karen a free week to apologize.

It arrived on a Tuesday. The cards looked good …

19 thoughts on “Hello again, Marley and Me

  1. I’ve checked a few of them out but haven’t felt the desire to do it yet. Mostly because my biggest meal of the day is usually while I”m at work. But for some reason I LOVE reading the reviews of these.


  2. I’ve heard of the trend, and have read both good and bad reviews for several of those services. But I tend to agree with pkadams. I prefer meals I don’t have to cook myself, even if the service saves shopping and measuring time, and allows for greater variety than you would normally have. Now, maybe if they offered a service that also did the clean-up afterwards ….


  3. What a fun endeavor, Mark! I tried a few meals from King Soopers when I was in Denver, and they were great! The ingredients and recipe card were included, and the benefit is to eat healthier and try something new. Are there any of these at stores in CNY?


  4. I don’t mean to sound critical, just curious. I really don’t understand this idea. If you still have to cook it, how does it help? Way to go on the free stuff!


  5. sounds like you opened pandora’s box and glad you made it through. i’ve read a whole range of reviews that were all over the place, depending on the company.


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