Get the local stations back on my dish, already

For weeks now, here’s what I see when I try to watch programs on two of the local Syracuse stations on my living room TV:

Working on it, says DirecTV.

No shows.

When I go to the website for the FOX station and its sister independent, I get a letter from owner Northwest saying that company is not to blame.

DirecTV online says that Northwest is asking rights fees that are quadruple other companies.

Frankly, my point of view is that I write a fairly big check monthly to DirecTV because I appreciate gathering channels it delivers to my dear wife Karen and I, local Syracuse and subscription. How much they pay out, I realize, factors into their rates.

But the bottom line for both companies is, can they really afford to tick off TV viewers in this era of flocking to alternative methods to viewing programs?

Without channels 68 and 43 on the dish hookup, for instance, we’re sent to the bedroom set, where I’ve hooked up an antenna. The reception is just as good for the spring training baseball and weekly NASCAR races that lure us to our set No. 2.

Our Mets.

Round and round they go.

My terrific daughter Elisabeth and her sensational significant George Three recently cut the cord from their cable TV for a combo of an antenna for local stations and Sling TV for the subscription networks. It’s saving them cash.

So far, I’m not moving. Yet.

Hear me, Northwest and DirecTV?

11 thoughts on “Get the local stations back on my dish, already

  1. I don’t watch TV, so it’s not an issue. But my daughter recently bought one of those antennas that can pull in some of the cable signals without actually paying for cable, and she’s quite pleased with it. She liked hers so much that she then bought one for Grandma – who, of course, doesn’t know the difference, but that’s a story for another day.


  2. that is so frustrating to say the least. my daughters have gone to alternative methods as well.i just don’t understand they can continue to deliver a bad product for a high price, when there are so many options on the horizon for consumers.


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