To meet the Mets in the Carrier Dome, I’ll take the day off from work, Noah Syndergaard

Some of my New York Mets told reporters they will not welcome the trip to Syracuse to visit the city that will now be home to the organization’s Triple-A squad.

I’ve already taken the day off from work, enthusiastic to welcome the major leaguers for their workout in Syracuse University’s Carrier Dome.

Pitching for some tolerance from Noah. (Getty Images)

Off to the campus I will go, Noah Syndergaard.

I will take with me mixed feelings about the interview you granted revealing your thoughts that a championship organization would not think of scheduling a trip to its Triple A city a mere two days before the start of the regular season.

One: I am glad you want my Mets to be a championship team.

Two: I wish that you’d maybe put the fans’ thoughts into the equation perhaps a tad. Enough to hold your tongue about the bitterness for this trip, anyway.

Sorry about the inconvenience, Noah.

But from my perspective, should you care:

Syracuse Mets fans are excited about our baseball team hooking up with the Mets. In fact, your parent squad even bought our Triple-A franchise two years ago, and Mets fans around here have been looking forward to the on-field start of the marriage since. The Syracuse Chiefs were affiliated with the Washington Nationals since the Nats came into the league. Yes, I went to the stadium for baseball, rooted for the home team … and stopped pulling for the players when they became Nats and played against my Mets.

I’ve been rooting for the New York Mets since 1962, when I was a little kid. Really.

So I will be at the dome today, cheering for my Mets going through the short workout in our city’s college football stadium. Weird, for sure.

But there goodwill will come of it, I’m sure.

I hope to see a big crowd out at NBT Bank Stadium on Opening Day next week, too. I took a half-day for that one.

The working stiffs will come out to cheer for the Syracuse Chiefs, I hope, just like they go to CitiField to root for the New York Mets. Real people watching baseball. We allow you to make your living this way, yes?

Welcome to Syracuse!

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