A reflection of a relaxing evening

Sitting in the backyard of A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville with my dear wife Karen, the reflection of the setting sun behind us suddenly appeared in our pool.

After running inside to grab my iPhone 8, I discovered I had to get back into my seat to rediscover the glory of the light.

Our aura.

We thrilled in the glow.

Dog view.

Then Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle took note. She’s not a swimmer. When we go in, she stands on the side and barks at us, apparently fearing for out safety. The most we’ve gotten from her so far is four tentative paws joining us as we sat together on the white steps. Extremely tentative, for a very short time.

Dog approval.

The bit of light bouncing off the shallow end did not appear to bother our cherished rescue mutt.

Off to other pursuits.

Soon enough, she was off to investigate her other stomping grounds.

10 thoughts on “A reflection of a relaxing evening

  1. Those photos are stunning, Mark. The red chairs are perfect against the green lawn and blue water. Ellie definitely seems to enjoy the pool – well, at least the perimeter of the pool. May the weather stay warm awhile longer.


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