Cheers for a March sunset

Pretty start. I was fortunate to look out our front door and toward the west as the sun was completing its journey on as the clock wound toward 6 p.m. Wednesday. March 1 made its mark by leaving an open slice from the gray cloud line on the horizon for the pretty orange on the…

Beautiful fall sunset

I always keep my eyes peeled to the west at a certain time of the day. I was rewarded looking out the front side of our house by this gorgeous late October farewell from the sun.

Catching the December sunset

During a work-week-is-finished safe walk Friday with cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle, our eyes lit up when we got to the bottom of the street. The sun was setting over the quite nearby lake. Happy weekend start it was, yes.

Sunsets and fireworks match well

Yes, The Longboard would have a table big enough to fit our big party. No, we never tired of taking our meals together! Or catching a beautiful sunset over Laguna Madre. Or posing for cherished photographs. Or mugging for selfies. And catching fireworks rising over the stage.

Sunsets are striking at the right spots

A dog walker on the beach early on gave me the name of a good spot to catch a glorious South Padre Beach sunset. The whole family reunion gang was in. Laguna Bob’s did not have enough space. Louie’s Backyard said certainly to our request for a table for 14. Maybe it was because one…