We’ll always line up for our spring dogs at Heid’s

When my dear wife Karen recited her wish list for our Saturday to-do list, she finished with a flourish.

Our annual spring visit to Liverpool hot dog-and-more stand Heid’s awaited.

I did not argue the lunch treat to follow plant-hunting at Ballantyne Gardens nursery (teaser for tomorrow’s post) and the weekly supermarket run (no need to share).

Hurry up and wait.

We were not alone.

Yes, of course.

This gaggle followed orders.

Hover over a gallery photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

One form of entertainment for the chilled noon crowd came from the small but noisy visitor who landed above.

Even though the temperature never hit 55 F, we all were working up our appetites.

Perhaps an understatement.

Veterans explained the simple but exquisite menuto newbies: Franks and Coneys, dressed or not. Grilled cheese. Fries. Onion rings. Picnic-style salads. Half or whole pickles. Chocolate milk or fountain drinks. Be ready to give your order once through the door.

The payoff is worth the wait.

Karen snagged a table inside so we could truly savor our tray full of lunch. Two kraut franks for me. A plain frank for my dear wife. Fries, onion rings and a whole pickle to share. I top my dogs with Heid’s incredible spicy brown mustard. (For those of you asking this question at home, a coney is a more spicy, white-colored hot dog indigenous to our part of the world. Some folks pronounce it Cooney, but I go with Coney, as in the Big Apple locale Coney Island.)

10 thoughts on “We’ll always line up for our spring dogs at Heid’s

  1. Yummy!
    Cooney sauce? Never heard of it! Coney sauce? Yes, please. 🙂
    I’ve been craving a slaw dog for a while now. Don’t reckon I’ll drive five hours northwest or eight northeast, best I find a good local dog!


  2. A true rite of Spring! Might be just the thing to pep up a soggy day. I like a frank with the hot meat sauce, and a birch beer.


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