Baby bunny visits our front yard

Karen told me to go to the window with my iPhone 8 very, very quietly.

A baby bunny was visiting.

Don’t be afraid.

So we get the cute little rabbit shot through the screen. I knew I could open the front door and approach or Bugs would hop away.


10 thoughts on “Baby bunny visits our front yard

      • Ellie had so many tussles with wildlife in the backyard of The Little Bitty, CM, before we moved, that the more separation with the baby bunnies, the better. She still chases squirrels in the backyard here, but there seems to be less big critters. Knock on wood.


      • I commented to my husband last week that I hadn’t seen any squirrels at our new house. But we have one now, and Cody has discovered it. Makes for good exercise ’cause there’s no way Cody can make it up that telephone pole to get it. May all your critters be little critters. I think we may have something bigger that comes at night, but I don’t want to find out for sure.


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