Bunny seems calm

I got up early enough to get to the Village of Liverpool for a pre-work walk the other day. Right off the bat, I spotted a confident bunny. The rabbit practically dared me to take its photo. Happy day, indeed.

That’s a big bunny

While appreciating a safe barbecue in our great friend and neighbor Georgia’s backyard, I spotted a rabbit in an adjacent yard. I grabbed my iPhone 8 and quietly moved off to investigate. It was a large rabbit. A really large rabbit. I was surprised how it allowed me the opportunity to zoom in several times.…

Baby bunny visits our front yard

Karen told me to go to the window with my iPhone 8 very, very quietly. A baby bunny was visiting. So we get the cute little rabbit shot through the screen. I knew I could open the front door and approach or Bugs would hop away. Tiny!