That’s a big bunny

Spotted: Rabbit not on the run.

While appreciating a safe barbecue in our great friend and neighbor Georgia’s backyard, I spotted a rabbit in an adjacent yard.

I grabbed my iPhone 8 and quietly moved off to investigate.

Stay, pleases.

It was a large rabbit.

Thank you for the modeling session.

A really large rabbit.

I was surprised how it allowed me the opportunity to zoom in several times.

And I was glad our cherished rescue mutt Ellie B was back home, because she no doubt would attempt to give chase even though it was on the other side of the fence, no matter that she is recovering from her torn ACL.

17 thoughts on “That’s a big bunny

  1. I must have missed a post or two. Ellie B has a torn ACL? How awful. Hope she heals quickly.

    Cody’s not doing a lot of bunny chasing right now either. She was running around the house with a piece of stolen laundry, got her foot caught somehow, and now she’s limping. Nothing’s broken, but I think she sprained it. In any event, she’s not currently fast enough to catch a bunny.


    • Yes, Ellie B was chasing ninnies too zealously and I thought I’d stopped her, CM. But moments later she came into the house putting no weight on her rear leg. Vet’s prognosis: torn a ACL. We are not opting for surgery. Very expensive and she’d hate the recuperation. I hope Cody heals quickly.


      • Ugh, Will Ellie B heal sufficiently without surgery?

        I had some pain med from last year when Cody did pretty much the same thing – but that time, it was from chasing squirrels. You’d think by now she’d know better …


  2. i’ve noticed all kinds of animals out and about these days, without so many humans around to disturb them. they are thriving without our interference. your big guy is proof of that )


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