And then I saw this sign

I’ve brought you many pretty photographs from Onondaga Lake Park.

Yes, I’m a fan of this significant recreational space so close to where I live and work.

Safe place.

And so I walk here often.

Looks aren’t everything.

The waters, I know, used to be used as the private dumping bucket for Big Corporate Chemical on the other side of the lake for oh-so-long. But cleanups were ordered, orchestrated and in force for years now.

I will not pick up fork and knife.

And so reality sinks in with this sign.

8 thoughts on “And then I saw this sign

  1. Yes, do not eat the mutated fish. Good advice! And do “keep the trams down the center line.” Is that an expression only snow people understand? Explain please, east coast bro.


    • Actually, it’s a warm season thing, sis Sandra. In calmer times, they run a motorized vehicle from one end of the park to the other so folks who can’t walk the whole length can also enjoy the trail. They call it a tram for some reason.

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