Thank you, lake view


On my work breaks, I can no longer take that coveted stroll along the Onondaga Lake Park path with my Liverpool Public Library colleagues.

Instead I seek 15 minutes of serenity in my neighborhood.

I have the lake down there.

It is a peaceful view, thankfully, very much.

18 thoughts on “Thank you, lake view

    • Yes, that is true, Kerbey. Outside, spring air, nobody around. Normally, I would be anticipating so many things that have been given the kabosh. Guess I have to realize this type of moment has not been limited in any way.


  1. I don’t have a lake to look at here. But I am on a walking/bike trail. I cannot believe the hundreds of people passing me daily. Now that they aren’t working they are walking. I greet them if I am outside, from the safe distance of my porch. It’s a peaceful way to start the mornings.


    • I really appreciate the sound of that, MBC. That lake in my photo has a park that rings it with a fantastic walking/biking trail. I’ve featured it in my photos here many times. My dear wife Karen and I have so far decided not to go walking there fearing too many people to safely social distance with the way we can on our neighborhood block walks. On spring walks there in the past, we have encountered really big crowds without this life event to make people want to get out to a park even more …


      • I am becoming familiar with your lake. 🙂 is it the same one where the docks are that we can gauge the coming of spring and then the end of summer? 🙂 I did go for a short walk with my granddaughter (who lives with me) the other day. First time I did. There were SO many people. I had us step off into the grass anytime people were approaching. It was good to see others doing the same. But I don’t think I’m going to do that again. We’ve stuck to playing in the yard.


      • Yes, the lake below our street is the same one with the docks near my work library, MBC.
        I’m glad to hear you and your grand were able to steer clear on your one walk on the path.
        That dodge maneuver is the reason why my dear wife Karen and I are staying in the blocks instead.

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