Hardy, still

Between blooms.

The two 2022 plants Karen received for Mother’s Day from terrific daughter Elisabeth and fantastic fiance George Three are doing quite well as we turn through July.

Rhododendron strong.

They picked great at the nursery and Karen did well at the spots she chose for them in our backyard gardens, too.

The rose and rhododendron both delivered blooms early on, and seem to be prospering during the non-flowering portions of the season well. Knock on wood.

Late update about the rhodo: the pool folks somehow left a chlorine tablet on the ground near that baby plant, and before my dear wife Karen noticed it, dry leaves had crept up from the bottom. I’m too sad to share a photo, instead rooting for a recovery with plenty of fresh water (and chiding myself for not noticing the rogue tablet a day earlier).

13 thoughts on “Hardy, still

  1. hopefully it will recover, that is a sad accident. plants are pretty resilient and I have no doubt it will return to it’s glory next season.


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