Back on course

After that one good shot.

I pulled the clubs up from the basement during this staycation.

Threw them in the back of the car, drove to a pretty little course down I-81 by the name of Orchard Valli and putted around, prepping for my way-too-late-in-the-season first outing with Tater.

Didn’t pull my phone out of pocket wondering where the heck he was until he was 10 or so minutes late.

My pat had texted in sick.

I’ll hit ‘em anyway.

Fees paid, cart loaded and muscles stretched, I drove off to the empty 10th tee. I’d noticed a bunch of golfers starting on No. 1. No use lining up behind them.

Many balls were hit in various directions the next several hours.

Little iron, just short of the green.

I had one good hole.

The little tee shot was pure and straight.

Close but no birdie.

The first putt from just off the green stayed true until wandering just off to the right and a few feet far at the end.

Hit it home straight and strong for my three.

I played golf the first week in July.

13 thoughts on “Back on course

  1. Mark, I had that happen to me once when I played golf (which was like a million years ago). I wound up playing a few holes and then headed for the “19th Hole.” Called it an early day in exchange for a burger and fries.


  2. It’s always a good day when you spend a little time playing golf. Nothing as pretty as a golf course. You’d love it here in my FL retirement community known as The Villages … we have over 50 golf courses here!

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