Boats fill the marina

Full slips!

July, it is.

My latest stroll around the Onondaga Lake Marina revealed a very full roster of boats ready to appreciate this summer of 2022.

Big boats, little lake.

May they find their peace heading through the outlets that lead to bigger waters.

21 thoughts on “Boats fill the marina

  1. I was told by a boat owner years ago the best day of his life was when he bought his boat, and the second best day was when he sold it. They are a lot of work to maintain, but they certainly provide for recreation and sights you can’t recreate on land.


  2. Yes, peace! Mark, I’m near a lake~not within walking distance ~but about a 15 minute drive. It provides a trail I’m hopeful to be on soon to see everyone setting sail. I’ve had a few friends invite me for boat rides after chemo. Night time rides are my favorite! Full marinas are always a sign of good hope! 💛 Happy Monday my friend!

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  3. “May they find their peace heading through the outlets that lead to bigger waters”

    Mark – that felt like a message to people too!
    And like for folks navigating setback or trials – may they have peace (no! – may they “find” that peace) as they move through outlets to bigger waters.

    A very encouraging vibe

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