Cheers to Kimi and Kevin!

I was excited sitting at home in my recliner as the time for the nuptials of niece Kimi and fiancé Kevin approached in Hot Springs, Ark. My dear wife Karen thankfully texted photos to make me feel as I were sitting with the family in the front row. That’s left to right, nephew Drew in…

Practice makes perfect

The family and special friends had a grand time getting ready the night before Kimi and Keven’s wedding. Yes, Aunt Jana will have the honors of officiating! The rehearsal sure looked grand in the photos texted to me by my dear wife Karen. I really did feel like I was there, all but sitting on…

Happy sisters

The sisters have not gotten together since 2019 because the biennial Miner family reunion has stalled. I can tell that Jana and Lynne are quite happy that their middle sibling Karen is taking their photo in Hot Springs, Ark., the day before Lynne’s daughter Kimi marries Kevin.

They appreciate my dear wife Karen

My dear wife Karen recently took a trip to Hot Springs, Ark., to see our niece Kimi wed her wonderful fiance Kevin. Though invited, I am still feeling reluctant to go through airports and flights and such what with COVID hanging about and even kicking back up in the fall months. I’m boosted, but don’t…

Now this would hold a Halloween plant

I’ll close the photo series of the visit of my dear wife Karen and I to Ontario Orchards with this image of a plant holder I saw as most definitely crafted for Halloween. Would you place a mum inside and place it on your front step to greet trick-or-treaters?

Out of your gourd?

My dear wife Karen and I spy at Ontario Orchards that not every October yield from a patch in our part of the world turns out to be a vibrant orange pumpkin perfect for Halloween. Pale gourds play their part, too.

For anybody who needs a good stalk

So this is how people get those great front lawn setups come October. And I thought maybe they had a good growing season out back … My dear wife Karen and I find so many things to look at and admire at Ontario Orchards on our traditional annual visit.

Garden guardians

One section in the Ontario Orchards back room was set aside for Raggedy Ann-like seasonal dolls. My mind went for how they’d keep the autumn birds away from fall plants. The Scarecrow’s cousins, right?