Cheers to Kimi and Kevin!

The time is near!

I was excited sitting at home in my recliner as the time for the nuptials of niece Kimi and fiancé Kevin approached in Hot Springs, Ark.

My dear wife Karen thankfully texted photos to make me feel as I were sitting with the family in the front row. That’s left to right, nephew Drew in the sunglasses, niece Dacia, nephew Chaz’s girlfriend Amy and brother-in-law Scott flanking Karen’s empty chair.

Bride set to walk the aisle.

After our set of family reunions, I was thrilled to see Kimi and Kevin go through their big day their way.

So much love in the first dance.

They looked fabulous. Style and individuality met their match.

Daddy-daughter dance.

My eyes misted for this photo of Kevin dancing with his daughter Ollie, who was not nearly so grown up last time I hung out with the family.

Slice of life.

Kimi really, really, wanted their wedding reception to include … cheesecake for all!

Photo shared by Kimi.

May life be wonderful, always, Kimi and Kevin. I hope to see you at another Miner family reunion soon.

Goodies in Hot Springs.

By the way, if you’re in Hot Springs, you can meet Lynne, Stormy and Kimi at their men’s grooming products and barber supply store Dapper and Debonaire. Kimi cuts hair at her station!

20 thoughts on “Cheers to Kimi and Kevin!

  1. What an absolutely fantastic looking wedding. It must have been fantastic to be there and the cheesecake had to be, if I may mix a metaphor, the icing on the cake. Congratulations to Kimi and Kevin and to you, Mark, for having such a wonderful family.


  2. Congratulations to Kimi and Kevin! I absolutely adore their style! Hot Springs is “kinda” in my backyard my friend. You must know all my besties come from there! You have an awesome family, Mark! When I get to Hot Springs again If definitely stop by the shop. Thank you for sharing my friend. It just makes me smile 😊! 🍁


  3. Looks like a wedding style the bride and groom exactly wanted. Both casual and sophisticated. Something fun and the guests were a part of it instead of sitting quiet and solemn. The couple is now famous the world over or at least to your 3,113 followers. 🙂


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