Practice makes perfect

Here’s how it will go …

The family and special friends had a grand time getting ready the night before Kimi and Keven’s wedding.

Yes, Aunt Jana will have the honors of officiating!

The rehearsal sure looked grand in the photos texted to me by my dear wife Karen.

The boys are alright.

I really did feel like I was there, all but sitting on the big table with niece Stormy’s husband Brad and their son Luka, and nephews Chaz and Drew.

Luka was just a baby when we were so excited to welcome him to the family at South Padre Island, Texas!

We’ll make sure it all goes down right.

Dad Chuck has his hands full the night before he gives Kimi away, too.

The emotions will come tomorrow …

I’ll be checking my texts every dang ding for the Sunday evening wedding, you know it.

14 thoughts on “Practice makes perfect

  1. With all that is going on in our country 😦 , it’s nice to see that wonderful things in life keep going on. We need to keep track of and share important family events. They help to keep us calm.


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