A keeper regardless

Weed or plant?

My dear wife Karen has let this grow tall.

I don’t know if it’s a weed or a plant, but I definitely dodged it with the mower.

Don’t want to anger Jack or the Giant, either.

And now she tells me, it’s a sunflower and we’re waiting for the flower part!

11 thoughts on “A keeper regardless

  1. When we first moved into our house, hubby started saving the little maple trees that were sprouting in our front flower garden, with the thought that he would plant them along the back fence, for privacy. He put them into little pots and watered them diligently; then when he figured they were big enough, he spent an entire Saturday lovingly planting them. He placed them carefully, about a foot apart all along the back fence and part of the side fence. Since our hose wasn’t quite long enough to reach all the way back there, he would carry buckets of water out to keep them alive. They were growing well – they even had tiny leaves that changed colors in the fall ….. Until the squirrels (or bunnies) found those lovely tender trees. One morning, we went out and every one of them had been nibbled down to the last half-inch. After that, we decided to just put up a plastic screen barrier along the fence and save ourselves the grief. May Karen’s sunflower be immune to bunnies and squirrels.


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