A pair of tie dyes come out swirlingly

Nice and nice.

At the end of this year’s Tie Dye on the Lawn event at the library where I work, staffers were invited to take out their own cotton garments and go to it with bands, soaking soda ash solution and bottled dye.

I had brought a pair of white T-shirts. I took up the invitation of staff help on the folding and rubber-banding after I decided upon the swirling design. Better to come out nice than to live with my fumbling fingers.

I purposely picked different colors when I carefully squirted the dye onto the folded T-shirts.

Here’s the finished shirts after I rinsed them and ran them through the washer at home. I hung dry them in the backyard this first time out to avoid shrinking.

My dear wife Karen chose the shirt on the left for her own. I have a blue Liverpool Public Library iron-on emblem to secure on mine. Happy, yes.

12 thoughts on “A pair of tie dyes come out swirlingly

    • The library sets the day up with great helpers so everybody can come out knowing more about the project for next time, Bruce. I think that’s why it’s so popular. You would come away with a cool looking shirt, I’m sure.

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  1. Perhaps the technique is more sophisticated now. Years ago I tried some tie dying. My husband contributed some old undershirts for the occasion. Later they made nice dusting/cleanup rags.


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