Going for the next season

Up they come.

More well-meaning sprouts were spied on a walk around the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville by cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle and I.


The flowers are coming. The flowers are coming.

Beware odd animals.

Some of the interesting lawn ornaments seem to be popping as well.

Home, sweet home.

Yes, the blooms are beautifying the front of A Bitty Better, too. You do spy a new plant ready for my dear wife Karen to put into the ground as well.

Ah. May.

13 thoughts on “Going for the next season

  1. Hurrah hurrah for May indeed 🙂 No flowers here, yet, but I hope to dig out our garden (it’s all grass at this point 😉 ) this weekend. Grass is greening so that is a good sign. Glad you are seeing color and silly lawn ornaments.


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