Good play for the start of the new golf league is in the bag

So how did I prepare in the final run for today’s start of the new golf league that KP and I will play in for the first time at Foxfire Golf Course?

Did I practice for hours at a driving range?

Find a grassy patch to pitch or putt?

Imagine the perfect swing plane in my head and repeat, rinse, repeat. Well, maybe a little in the shower.

Good price and features.

Heck. On a trip to Syracuse mega shopping, dining and entertainment complex Destiny USA with my dear wife Karen for a walk-around and lunch, I pulled her into Dick’s Sporting Goods and bought a new golf bag.

Each club has its place in my game.

I went for the Maxfli Honors edition after careful consideration of the ample collection. It’s a cart model in contrast to my old stand bag. In simple speak, this baby is meant for placing on either a pull or motorized cart. The old one had the moving legs and was meant for carrying over your shoulder as you walked. Those days are past for me.

I liked the way it looked, and my dear wife Karen agreed.

It was on sale for $99, 20 bucks off the original price.

The dividers will give each of my clubs an individual slot.

Bye-bye, old style.

Besides, my old Callaway bag had developed a nasty tear over one of the pockets, most unfortunately, the one designed to carry the little bag I use to carry my keys and cash while I play.

It was time for the trade in.

Truth be known, Newer Callaway models again caught my eye. But they were way more expensive than the Maxfli Honors model I took home. And that tear turned me off but good.

Bring on the first nine of the league season.

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