Hello to our new fairy garden

Fairy Garden

Small but powerful.

One of my dear wife Karen’s new ideas for the backyard garden this year is a fairy garden.

She selected the boxed plants, sent away for the decorations, lovingly set it up off the back deck.

My job is to admire the results of her work.

I have yet to spot a visiting little person.

19 thoughts on “Hello to our new fairy garden

  1. Many of my neighbors have been doing this as well.
    BTW- I was doing some fishing at Hunter Lake near Kenoza Lake and took some pictures of the old Valley View House as it is today.
    How can I post pictures to share on your site?


    • I’m glad that you got to see VVH now, Gerald. If you can email me at my contact here we can perhaps get you to send jpegs on email and i can post them on my blog and credit you!


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