We go with the iPhone 8

Our iPhone 6s were getting old.

My dear wife Karen toted them around for more than three years, and they served us well.

But they were getting slow. They restarted sometimes. The batteries were losing charge faster.

And I wanted a better camera for all these blog photos I take.

So off we went to Syracuse mega shopping, dining and entertainment complex Destiny USA. We thought we’d compare prices.

We stopped at the shop of our wireless provider first. The rep told us that since we didn’t want to add an extra line or stretch our payments out over the length of a long contract, we’d be better off buying straight from Apple. That way we could take the phone with us if we ever decided to change providers. I dug his honesty.

Apple had a pair.

8, that’s your older cousin 6.

We went through the process of switching over, helped much by the rep. But once codes and passwords had been entered, iOS was loading and we were waiting for the cloud to do its thing, he took off and said the trade-in portion of the festivities would be handled afterward.

The new phones took their time accepting the old information, of course …

I knew all my photos wouldn’t transfer until we got back to the home Wi-Fi.

We found a new rep to credit Karen’s account with the trade-in fees. Nice!

Hover over a gallery photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

A lunch at Cantina Laredo allowed us to celebrate the new phones. And take pictures.

I see no real need for the Live Photo feature, by the way. The little-video wiggle doesn’t do much for me.

We love the clarity of the new phone connections.

And, wow, do they hold the charge.

We’re going to keep these babies around for three years, at least, you know. Knock on wood and the new hard case I went out to buy for it after lunch.

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